Ethical Brands Partner With Valency For Digital Marketing

Ethical Brands Meet Team Valency

Aimee Holland

Digital Marketing Manager


Aimee describes her role as a fearless love for people and pixels combining her obsession with psychology, geekery in marketing technology and her passion for making the world a more compassionate place.  

chris fabrowski

Chris Fabrowski

Graphic Designer


Chris is a one of a kind graphic artist. His portfolio includes some of the most stunning illustrations and caricatures for clients whilst creating unique graphics for businesses that reflect the passions behind the brand.


Getting to know us...

Aimee is famed for her 'marketing is like dating' analogy, because it's so true!  

When you're dating there are many many people that fill the 'potentials' list. Some you'll know well, some will be a friend of a friend, some will be on Tinder.  But just because you know them all doesn't mean they are going to progress to the next stage of 'dating' (and nor should they expect that!).  

Even in the dating process there are plenty of 'hell NO's', (I'm certain we all have a worst first date story we can recall.) Sometimes, no matter how good it looks on paper it just doesn't click in real life.  

And that's totally cool.   

Dating and marketing are about a process of getting to know each other, discovering shared values, shared goals.  And being respectful when these don't match.  It's not about saying the other person is 'bad' or 'wrong' just that together you'd be pulled further away from your goals than towards them.

Our formal business relationships only begin when there is a 'hell yes!' from both sides.  All of our relationships started with a coffee & a chat.

Step 1: Coffee

Let's grab a coffee or at least a chat online and explore what you want to achieve.

Step 2: Invitation

You invite us to plan with you what a successful digital marketing strategy would look like for you.

Step 3: Hell yes!


Decide if it’s either a hell yes or flat no. Let’s be respectful of ourselves here with absolute clarity.

Now we are in the business of relationships, as such we are clear on who is a perfect person for us to have coffee with (Ethical brands being a pre-requisite)...Typically our clients have these things in common...

successful marketing partnership

They are impact driven...

You're are making a difference and you know it. You'll have strong brand values that go way beyond lip service to CSR, your ethical brand principles that are ingrained into your very being.

ethical marketing hero

They are successful...

Those early days of crazy excitement followed by crushing defeat are a vivid memory, but you know what you want now. The goals are clear, you've tested the concept and you're ready to take this thing to the world on a big scale.

coffee consultation

They are natural collaborators...

Those that have been juggling all things know that the real impact comes from working in their zone of genius. You're ready to support your team by allowing their roles to intensify and focus on their top 1%.

Sound Good?  Book your coffee with Aimee

Pick & mix is for sweets

It would be against everything we believe to give you a pick and mix menu here. Our service is a fully designed and managed digital marketing strategy. Typically that will include a period of strategic planning, implementation of things like websites, advertising campaigns, and analytics and testing.  And the investment varies.  Not all businesses have the same needs and so we don't do 'off the shelf'. But you still want to know roughly what ball-park we're playing in right? So here's a guide from some recent projects.




Ad Campaigns

Facebook ads management with a ridiculous ROI...

  • Matching the natural relationship with Facebook ads
  • Building valuable resources for people along the journey
  • One campaign resulted in over £3500 in sales from a £42 ad spend.
  • Campaign mapping of all the digital resources used
  • Strategic planning for content and placement.
  • Tech & systems set-up.
  • Crappy tactics
  • Instant return on investment




Event Campaign 

Exclusive management of event invitations...

  • Technical set up and integrations for the email marketing campaign 
  • Content creation for the email automatons
  • Social media management 
  • Content creation and distribution
  • Once and done, this was a partnership for promotion.
  • Broad audience generation, these were very specific invitations.





Large e-commerce store strategy and implementation...

  • Brand archytyping including ideal client profiling
  • Full redevelopment of eCommerce platform and supporting structure 
  • Establishing a long term development plan and SOP's for digital marketing
  • Advertising campaigns with Google & Facebook
  • SEO strategy and content plan
  • Surface level changes.  This got to the core of the business and systems.
  • Short term (sub 6 months)